Full Trunk / Ravid Plotnik (Nechi Nech) and Tuna jointly and independently / Infected Mushroom DJ set with guest artist BLISS

As always, on the eve of the twenty Tamar festivities, it is a sweeping rally of highs, bounces and stormy rhythm festivities. Beginning the strongest there is and slowly increasing.
Opening tonight is Full Trunk, the band that blends blues and rock into Eastern and Arabic music and creates a unique mix they call blues. They released three albums, hit hits on the Gilgalz playlist, and recently released the song "Wallac," a leap-and-drop on the important and repressed topic of post-trauma. With astonishing fieldwork, they captured audience love as one of the most exciting bands around, with a fun, energetic performance .

Contemporary and hip Israeli hip hop shows singer and rapper Tuna, who says what's on his mind, without filters, and whose song "It Will Pass" was an unofficial anthem of the time. Behind him are two albums and his third album is being launched these days. Tuna's work is a purposeful display of hip-hop, rock 'n' roll, and a sea of ​​emotion that manage to combine fierce criticism with a touching electrifying experience. Tuna tells a story that is all modesty and honesty, courage and the fulfillment of dreams.