Nature's Cultural Hall

October 14-18, 2019

(Chol HaMoed Sukkot)

Celebrating 20th anniversary of the Tamar Festival

Dressing the desert in a colorful festive attire adorned with a fantastic artistic program

Maintaining the unique legacy of brilliant musical collaborations and original productions that are exceptional and inspiring, this year the Tamar Festival marks the festivities by raising the bar even higher. You are invited to a 4-day Israeli music summit featuring two original productions as well as a selection of musical collaborations, which have not yet been seen, representing the best of Israeli music. A wonderful experience in the backdrop of the breathtaking desert setting that include the notable iconic sunrise concerts.

Offering a great cultural mirror the Tamar Festival is known to embrace Israeli musical diversity, and this year on its 20th anniversary introducing a special expanded format of four consecutive evenings of music celebration with unforgettable collaborations alongside exclusive original productions.

1st EveningRadio Bla Bla, the masterpiece Israeli album by The Friends of Natasha in a debut performance of the original rock opera production in the highest artistic standards featuring the acclaimed Israeli band and surprising guests.

2nd Eveninga tribute to the art of Shalom Hanoch introducing various interpretations to his greatest hits by a lineup of esteemed musicians and vocalists and concluding with a special appearance of this lauded Israeli rock singer, lyricist and composer.

3rd Evening – fresh Israeli music mix with Omer Adam, Benaia Barabi and Ishay Ribo. This evening includes a first-time collaboration between Adam and Ribo performing two songs together.

4th Evening – the traditional Desert Vibrations in a special festival birthday party featuring: Full Trunk blues rock band; rappers Tuna and Ravid Plotnik (Nechi Nech) jointly and independently; and a special Infected Mushroom DJ set with guest artist BLISS.

It happens once a year and only during the Tamar Festival – Masada Mountaintop Special Sunrise Concerts – and this year featuring Berry Sakharof; Shlomi Shaban, Assaf Amdursky and Yael Kraus singing The High Windows; Avraham Tal with Shimon and Levi of Shotei HaNevuah; and HaTikva 6 hosting HaDag Nachash with Peled.

The Tamar Festival features a variety of performances in four different locations:

  • The Masada Arena – a concert hall at the foothills of Masada. A mesmerizing experience with Masada Mountain as the backdrop
  • Masada Mountaintop – the Tamar Festival exclusive location at the South Palace site overlooking the Dead Sea
  • Kibbutz Ein Gedi – free concerts on the lawn by the Baobab tree
  • Neot HaKikar – free concerts at the ecological park by the Amatzia riverbed midway between Neot HaKikar and Ein Tamar

The Masada Arena Concerts (9 PM):

Monday, Oct. 14 – Radio Bla Bla – a rock opera   

A full album concert featuring The Friends of Natasha and guest artists

Tuesday, Oct. 15 – Against the Wind – a tribute to the art of Shalom Hanoch

Assaf Amdursky /  Dafna Armoni / Dori Ben Zeev / Benaia Barabi / Riki Gal / Aviv Geffen / Gal De Paz / Yuval Dayan / Berry Sakharof / Danny Sanderson / Idan Amedi / Dror Keren / Ester Rada / Hemi Rudner / Shuli Rand / Shlomi Shaban / Orit Shachaf and Tom Petrover (HaYehudim) / special guest: Shalom Hanoch

Wednesday, Oct. 16 – Desert Feast

Omer Adam / Benaia Barabi / Ishay Ribo

Thursday, Oct. 17 – Desert Vibrations

Full Trunk / Ravid Plotnik (Nechi Nech) and Tuna jointly and independently / Infected Mushroom DJ set with guest artist BLISS

Masada Mountaintop Special Sunrise Concerts (4 AM):

  • Tuesday, Oct. 15 at sunrise – Berry Sakharof with Itamar Doari, Omri Mor and Gilad Abro and guest artists Abeta Brihon and Shai Tsabari
  • Wednesday, Oct. 16 at sunrise – Singing The High Windows –  Assaf Amdursky /  Shlomi Shaban / Yael Kraus
  • Thursday, Oct. 17 – Avraham Tal and guests Shimon and Levi (friends from Shotei HaNevuah)
  • Friday, Oct. 18  at sunrise – Summit Vibrations – HaTikva 6 hosting HaDag Nachash with Peled

Free concerts at kibbutz Ein Gedi by the Baobab tree (6:30 PM):

  • Tuesday, Oct. 15 – Dori Ben Zeev
  • Wednesday, Oct. 16 – Quarter to Africa
  • Thursday, Oct. 17 – Rasta Power

Free concerts at the ecological park by Sdom Square (7:30 PM):

  • Wednesday, Oct. 16 – Liron Amram & The Panthers – Opening with Tzuok Benayun  
  • Thursday, Oct. 17  – rapper E-Z – Opening with Dudi Bar David